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UVA- My Favorite Word free essay sample

What is your preferred word and why? My preferred word? Receipt. Obviously, exceptionally elucidating descriptive words, for example, â€Å"incandescent,† â€Å"melancholic,† and â€Å"axiomatic† convey more ‘wow’ factor. Yet, other than the undeniable reasons, for example, the way its quiet ‘p’ moves, covered up, on a speaker’s lips, â€Å"receipt† mirrors certain urgent parts of my character. (Cautioning: the deed which I am going to admit may appall a few perusers.) I arranged my school application process on the rear of a small, somewhat wrinkled Chinese eatery receipt. As a matter of fact, this activity appears to be very disorderly and self-assertive, yet more critically, it imitates my creative, lighthearted character. Before, I have attempted to substitute a week after week organizer and work area schedule for my little receipt, yet the two choices neglected to help out my manner. In the wake of covering the work area schedule with doodles and the week by week organizer with pictures of companions, I chose to discard the two items with the apathetic aim to attempt them again one more day. We will compose a custom exposition test on UVA-My Favorite Word or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page That decisive Chinese eatery receipt did exclude from its rundown of buys my fortune treat, the engraved proverb of which advised me that â€Å"a shut brain resembles a shut book; simply like a square of wood.† Even after my endlessly avaricious Labrador ventured to swallow the little bit of paper, I recalled its delightfully basic message. Throughout everyday life, I like to keep my brain as open as very easy to read, for it is just in this express I may genuinely develop as an individual, utilizing the forces of good faith to skirt off happily toward my fantasies.

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Lensing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lensing - Essay Example Stage three includes clarifying the association between focal point An and focal point B; that is connection between perspectives in Ugly Feelings and Rushmore. The fourth step shows the proof supporting the connections between the focal point An and B. the fifth step involves showing the primary territories of association, and afterward finish of the relationship. A few issues are represented in Sinnae Ngai’s artistic work. Appalling Feelings is the benchmark for understanding the film; henceforth focal point A. Revolting Feeling has two significant issues. The main issue involves seeing how craftsmen and essayists in various news sources have demonstrated revolting emotions that are not investigated by pundits. The subsequent issue clarifies that through drawing in emotions, the specialists comprehend the shortcomings of workmanship. This guarantees a few of these negative effects for their basic efficiency (Sianne 3). Most pundits study works having enormous emotions and errors. Rushmore involves parody work delivered in 1998 by Wes Anderson. The film portrays the connection between Max Fisher, Herman Blume and Rosemary Cross. Max Fisher is a young person. Herman Blume is delineated as a set up industrialist. Rosemary Cross is a grade teacher. The instructor encounters common love from Max and Herman (Kehr 72). Ngai adequately delineates three negatives that upgrade appalling sentiments; experiential pessimism, semantic cynicism and syntactic antagonism. Experiential cynicism guarantees torment. This cynicism is represented in focal point B, Rushmore, viably. Representation of Blume’s life in the film shows enthusiastic agony. In spite of being a set up industrialist, he doesn't get fulfillment from the presentation and tasks of his organization. His marriage life is additionally disappointing because of constant conflicts with his significant other (Ebert 36). His children are unrepentant because of poor childhood by their mom. The marriage life of wed moreover

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Lip Sync 08

Lip Sync ‘08 Sorry for not having posted recently. Its gotten to the point where the work is completely overwhelming and any time not spent working is time that feels like its being wasted. As such, I decided to take most of Friday and all of Saturday completely off. Yes, that screws me for today, and possibly all of next week (Playsentations soon? Do we have a toy that is even close to being kinda done? Oh boy.) but theres just too much thats been going on not to blog about it. Seriously, you should have seen the campus the last two days, it was insanity. Third Eye Blind, Leeroy Jenkins, sunshiny weather, MTV promoting a concert, cell phone vendors hocking products, lots of bustle. Saturday evening most of the bustle had died down (except for Banned in Boston which had taken over Kresge auditorium and looked very fancy (free food and nice outfits) and I was heading back to the dorm. As I walked by the student center I saw a huge chalk message (not unlike the hundreds of chalk messages littering the campus) scrawled out on the wall screaming AXO Lip Sync Saturday Night at 8! I check my watch. 7:45pm. Oh why not. I went over to Johnson ice rink, bought my tickets, and headed inside. More sorority girls than I had ever seen in my life! Seriously, I think most of them may have come. I chatted with some friends and hung out waiting for the show to start when Melis runs up to me. Melis: Snively, are you blogging this? My brain: *Hey! Melis is here, cool! Shell probably want to blog this. Wait, whats that yellow thing pinned to her shirt? That looks like the captain planet symbol. Why is she wearing . . . ooooooohhhh! Shes in AXO, Ill get to see Melis dance! I should probably blog this.* Me: Absolutely I am! I settled down and waited for the show to start. Since Melis is a senior her role was a little different. She helped perform during the breaks between acts. It was quite the struggle between the power rangers and captain planets team (one that was really confusing and kind of strange from time to time) so I strung all the bits of it together for you to enjoy. With that, enjoy! As the show went on there were Course 1 pre-Kindergarteners, Swimmers, Nu Deltas, EMTs, and all sorts of jumping, dancing, and syncing groups. A couple were kinda strange. Towards the end they announced that Burton 1 would perform next. *Dives for camera* Who lives on Burton 1 everybody? If you consider yourself a blog stalker then you know the answer to this question. Without further ado, heres Burton 1s performance at the AXO 2008 Lip Sync. In the end it was Nu Delta and the swim team who took the prizes home (lotso gift certificates) and every body chatted happily about all the ridiculous things they just witnessed. I went back to the dorm after an extremely long day (details of which will be blogged shortly) and then crashed on the couch. And by crashed I mean I watched dramatic lemur a bunch of times, concerned people in the lounge that I may be a complete lost cause on the internet, and then eventually went to bed. It was a good day, quickly to be squashed by the hellish workload that is the rest of the year. Now if youll excuse me, I have to fill out all sorts of paperwork for my mandatory drug test for my Hasbro job. Ciao!

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Directions for a Burning Bubbles Science Project

Bubbles are fun no matter what, but bubbles you can burn just has that added extra appeal. Heres an easy science project you can do that proves propellants in common products are flammable and allows you to burn some bubbles. Materials for the Burning Bubbles Project Soapy water or bubble solutionSpray can containing a pressurized flammable propellantLighter or match (preferably long-handled)Cup or bowl A lot of the products you use that come in spray cans use a flammable propellant to disperse their product. Examples include hairspray, canned air, spray paint, antiperspirant, and bug spray. Common flammable propellants include various alcohols, propane, n-butane, methyl ethyl ether and dimethyl ether. You know you have a can containing a flammable product by reading the label. It will include a hazard statement warning you that the contents are under pressure and to keep the can away from heat and flame and that the contents are flammable. Some cans use non-flammable carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide as a propellant (whipped cream and cooking sprays), which wont work for this project. Once you have identified a flammable propellant, one fire-related project is to spray the product and ignite the aerosol, creating a sort of flamethrower. This is not particularly safe. Blowing flammable bubbles and igniting them illustrates the same point without the risk of blowing up a pressurized ca n. Blow Bubbles and Burn Them Pour soapy water or bubble solution into a container.Immerse the nozzle of the can in the liquid.Spray the can, forming bubbles.Remove the can from the liquid and set it a safe distance from the container.Ignite the bubbles, preferably using a long-handled lighter. Do you see why it would be a bad plan to smoke while using hairspray? The effect you get depends on the flammable propellant. The flames dont last long enough (at least in my experience) to set off a smoke alarm or melt a plastic container. Safety Warning This is one of those projects which should only be attempted under adult supervision. Do not get carried away and blow a big mass of bubbles. Igniting flammable materials is associated with risk. Use of proper eye and skin protection is advised. Disclaimer: Please be advised that the content provided by our website is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Fireworks and the chemicals contained within them are dangerous and should always be handled with care and used with common sense. By using this website you acknowledge that ThoughtCo., its parent About, Inc. (a/k/a Dotdash), and IAC/InterActive Corp. shall have no liability for any damages, injuries, or other legal matters caused by your use of fireworks or the knowledge or application of the information on this website. The providers of this content specifically do not condone using fireworks for disruptive, unsafe, illegal, or destructive purposes. You are responsible for following all applicable laws before using or applying the information provided on this website.

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Essay about Sexual Harassment among Canadian Women, Black...

Project: Rape and Rape Culture 1) What are the main ideas and/or issues of the article as it relates to the chosen topic? Welsh et al. (2006) used data from the research focus groups of Canadian women to discuss the issue of sexual harassment among Canadian women and how the white Canadian women, who are mostly heterosexual, define sexual harassment and rape (objective) versus how the women of color define their experience of rape and sexual harassment in workplace (subjective). According to Welsh et al. (2006), he discussed how race, gender and citizenship are important factors in how Women of color with and without citizenship right define sexual harassment and rape. Sometimes as race and sometimes sees it as an experience they will†¦show more content†¦Textual harassment through the social networking media such as Facebook and e-mail, contribute to abuse in relationships. From one of the cases narrated in the text, a father of a sexual harassment victim, Cuccia, says that the freedom and private nature of texting causes more harm than good. This is so important to study because in this new t echnology age, teenagers are able to secretly keep their pains, feelings and emotions away from people who could advice them about their relationship issues. Most victims of textual harassment were never sensitive enough to see or report the warning signs because of their relationship with the person. For this reason, more awareness needs to be created especially among teenage girls and college students, of the warning signs of textual harassment. It has become the job for everyone of us to protect ourselves by watching out for those warning signs, by monitoring e-mails or messages exchange and should never contemplate reporting to the appropriate authorities. 3) In what ways are the ideas and/or issues presented in the article related to the textbook reading? In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different? Welsh et al. (2006) discusses the white privilege of white women over black women in cases of rape and sexual harassment. The article argues that race, gender and citizenship play an important role in how women of color define sexual harassment. The white women are notShow MoreRelatedThe Role Of Police Officers And Deviant Behaviors Within Police Environment1768 Words   |  8 Pagesefficient is the whole criminal justice system. The Criminal code and various provincial statutes are the mandates that provide Canadian police officers the authority to exercise their discretion. The criminal code provides the authority to arrest (section 495), to use force (section 25), to search (with a warrant, section 487), and to obtain DNA samples (section 487.05).among others (Curt T. Griffiths, 2012).The use of force including lethal force is governed by both law and policy. Apart from the CriminalRead MoreThe Canadian Human Rights Act2027 Words   |  9 Pagesis â€Å"an action or decision that treats a person or group negatively for reasons such as their race, sex, age or disability† (Ministry of Justice [DOJ], 1985). Under the Canadian human right act, there are 11 grounds a person may be discriminated against. These include race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability and a conviction for which a pardon has been granted or a record s uspended (DOJ, 1985). Employment discriminationRead MoreCyberbullying And Race / Ethnicity : A Study Of Philadelphia High School Students2894 Words   |  12 PagesStudents University of Pennsylvania â€Æ' Bullying and Harassments Bullying and harassment within the K-12 school setting, based on research studies continues to be a problem with great consequences for the victims such as suicidal thoughts, lower grade point averages, high truancy and high drop-out rates. Research on the connection between bullying and harassment and academic variables demonstrated that students who experienced bullying and harassments are more likely to avoid or drop out of school (FriedRead MoreEssay about Life in Trinidad and Tobago 2120 Words   |  9 Pagesformer colonies. Neo-Colonialism has affected all countries of the Caribbean. In an article by the University of Toronto Press entitled â€Å"Canadian Aid in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Neo-Colonialism or Development assess whether the Canadian government is participating in Neo-Colonialism in the Caribbean or is it supportive in the development of the region. Canadian assistance to the Caribbean began in 1958 with aid amounting to ten million dollars in grants to the West Indies Federation over a fiveRead MoreAttitudes Towards Police: What are Young Adults Perception of Police?3573 Words   |  15 Pagesoften than older people† (Cunneen White, 2007). Young people are more likely to be the victim of an offence, engage in criminal activity (Hua, Baker Poynton, 2006), be charged with an offence, engage in risky, delinquent or antisocial behaviors that may generate police interest (McAra McVie, 2005) or spend more time in public spaces which may increase visibility and police scrutiny and aggravate the need for police to demonstrate control (Cunneen White, 2007). While these factors bring youngRead MoreCritical Analysis of Women Behind Bars Essay4460 Words   |  18 Pages Abstract More and more women-mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, and sisters are doing hard prison time all across the United States. Many of them are facing the prospect of years, decades, even lifetimes behind bars. Oddly, there’s been little public discussion about the dramatic increase of women in the prison system. What exactly is happening here, and why? This paper will be a critical analysis of the book, â€Å"Women Behind Bars: The Crisis of Women in the U.S. Prison System. ThisRead MoreEffects of Rap Music on Crime14002 Words   |  57 PagesHowever, we also find that the nature and strengths of those relationships vary according to the racial identity of different groups within urban music enthusiasts. Black and white subgroups align themselves with resistance representations while Asians do not; whites and Asians report significant involvement in crime and delinquency, while blacks do not. Finally, we discuss our findings in light of research on media effects and audience reception, youth subcultures and post-subcultural analysis, and theRead MoreDiversity Training in the Workplace Essay example6940 Words   |  28 Pagesthe twenty-first century, trying to find other ways to eliminate workplace discrimination and encourage workforce diversity. According to The Indianapolis Business Journal, â€Å"As companies compete for talent and customers, they realize that hiring women and minorities is more of a strategy than a matter of fairness, said Jesse Moore, Purdue University’s manager of supplier diversity development. The best way to hold onto our market share, or position ourselves to gain market share, is to make ourRead MoreManaging Diversity in the Workplace Essay3304 Words   |  14 Pagesfunctioning of diversity and social responsibility fails, the results are a system of inequality and lacking of social commitment. Diversity concerns are relevant and essential human ideas in which making choices is not always a matter of ethics or black and white. Managing diversity does not always presuppose management’s moral or social conscience as the primary concern. The following plans would help management and working class alike distinguish which position we must take in regards to managing diversityRead MoreAm erican Civil Rights Movement Essay15820 Words   |  64 Pages1. American Civil Rights Movement THE BLACKS 1865 and 1870 - Three Constitutional amendments: The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, the Fourteenth Amendment gave blacks the rights of citizenship, and The Fifteenth Amendment gave them the right to vote. Until the modern civil rights movement (1950s) blacks were denied access to public places such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, and schools. There were separate facilities marked colored only, which was sanctioned by the courts. 1896

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Alliteration and Symmetry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Free Essays

Note on poetic meter: Gawain is typical of Middle English alliterative poems in that it is written in alliterative long lines, following the basic metrical principles of Old English verse. Each long line consists of two half-lines, each half with two stressed syllables and a varying number of unstressed syllables. Most importantly, the two half lines are connected by alliteration ? that is, repetition of the same consonant sound on at least two, often three, of the stressed syllables. We will write a custom essay sample on Alliteration and Symmetry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or any similar topic only for you Order Now For example, the poem begins: â€Å"Sithen the sege and the assaut was sesed at Troye† (line 1), with the â€Å"s† sound recurring five times within the single long line. The long lines do not rhyme with each other. However, they are organized in stanzas of fifteen to twenty-five lines, and each stanza concludes with a construction known as a â€Å"bob and wheel. † This term refers to a group of five short lines, which do rhyme, to the pattern of ababa. If you are not reading Gawain in the original Middle English, the poetic structure may not be maintained in the translation. Some modern English translations keep the rhyme and meter strictly; others are only prose translations. SYMMETRY Sir Gawain and the Green Knight has a symmetrical structure. Everywhere in the poem is balance, contrast and antithesis. The poet highlights number symbolism to add symmetry and meaning to the poem. For example, three kisses are exchanged between Gawain and Bertilak’s wife; Gawain is tempted by her on three separate days; Bertilak goes hunting three times, and the Green Knight swings at Gawain three times with his axe. The number two also appears repeatedly, as in the two beheading scenes, two confession scenes, and two castles. [55] The five points of the pentangle, the poet adds, represent Gawain’s virtues, for he is â€Å"faithful five ways and five times each†. [56] The poet goes on to list the ways in which Gawain is virtuous: all five of his senses are without fault; his five fingers never fail him, and he always remembers the five wounds of Christ, as well as the five joys of the Virgin Mary. The fifth five is Gawain himself, who embodies the five moral virtues of the code of chivalry: â€Å"friendship, generosity, chastity, ourtesy, and piety†. [57] All of these virtues reside, as the poet says, in the â€Å"Endless Knot† of the pentangle, which forever interlinks and is never broken. This intimate relationship between symbol and faith allows for rigorous allegorical interpretation, especially in the physical role that the shield plays in Gawain’s quest. [ 59] Thus, the poet makes Gawain the epitome of perfection in knighthood through number symbolism. The number five is also found in the structure of the poem itself. Sir Gawain is 101 stanzas long, traditionally organised into four ‘Fitts’ of 21, 24, 34, and 22 stanzas. These divisions, however, have since been disputed; scholars have begun to believe that they are the work of the copyist and not of the poet. The original manuscript features a series of capital letters added after the fact by another scribe, and some scholars argue that these additions were an attempt to restore the original divisions. These letters divide the manuscript into nine parts. The first and last parts are 22 stanzas long. The second and second-to-last parts are only one stanza long, and the middle five parts are eleven stanzas long. The number eleven is associated with transgression in other medieval literature (being one more than ten, a number associated with the Ten Commandments). Thus, this set of five elevens (55 stanzas) creates the perfect mix of transgression and incorruption, suggesting that Gawain is faultless in his faults. The format of â€Å"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight† works on the principles of repetition and multiplication. Think about the number of departures for adventure, the almost eerie property of â€Å"threes,† the characters who play multiple roles, the five points of the pentangle and so on. How to cite Alliteration and Symmetry in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Papers

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The Purpose Of The Narrator Essays - Style, Fiction, Narratology

The Purpose Of The Narrator The role of the narrator influences the type of relationship we have not only with him or her but also with the story (Landy 75). This quote was taken from our Literary Studies book in which we have read several stories concerning different styles of narration. Narration is one of the most important components of a story. The characters, plot, setting, and theme are also significant, however the narrator sets the mood and also the pace of the story. Two good examples of narration is the short tale The Zebra Storyteller by Spencer Holst and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. These are stories in which the narrators retain certain styles of narration. An outside book that we have not read is the fairy tale Cinderella. In these three works, the narrators have specific functions or duties to carry throughout the story. In The Zebra Storyteller the narrator is a Siamese cat but the narrator is also an outsider. During the story the cat tells a story to his friends about how skillful and 'powerful' he is at killing zebras. Towards the end of the story the cat is handed his fate; he is kicked and killed by a zebra, who sensed feared when approached. At the end of the story Holst concludes with the statement, That is the function of the storyteller. This statement pertains to the idea of the function the storyteller has or how they create the atmosphere and set the grounds in which the story is based on. There are many functions of the storyteller. They can teach a lesson, control the story, entertain, and stretch one's own imagination. In this story it is a great example how the story can take a sudden unexpected turn and shock the reader. The narrator can take twists and turns and can make expected or even unexpected outcomes in the story. A good example in the story would be where the narrator state s, The zebra storyteller wasn't fit to be tied at hearing a cat speaking his language, because he'd been thinking about that very thing (Holst 1971). At this point the narrator changes the reader's perspective and sheds light on an upcoming event in the story. Which turned out to be a big event where the Siamese cat got killed. Of course this story is fictional but it is an excellent story to portray how a narrator can expand the reader's imagination. The Yellow Wallpaper is a story in that one of the different styles of narration is prevalent. Some types of unique styles of narration writing are story telling, diary style, or telling a story about a day's experience. The Yellow Wallpaper is in diary format which means the narrators internal thoughts are exposed in the story as well as their outside thoughts, meaning how they deal with the other characters in the story. This story is about a woman who is in a mental hospital where she is kept in a room that has very old yellow wallpaper on the walls. In this story the main character or the narrator is secluded in this room by herself and is limited to basically doing nothing. As the story continues the narrator is drawn toward the hideous wallpaper and finds herself in the wallpaper. In her diary writings she reports, There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will. Behind that outside pattern the dim shapes get clearer everyday (Gilman 83). In her reports sh e creates a mysterious, scary mood about the woman she sees in that paper. When the narrator reveals 'her diary' it allows reading into their thoughts on how they take in the actions in the story. She lets them into how she feels about her husband and also she is not allowed to write because he says it is going to delay her getting better, which she disagrees with. She says, Personally, I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good (Gilman 78). The narrator's function in this story is to set not only the mood but also the setting. In the beginning she describes her settings very clearly giving details